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What suits your home, a wood or gas burning fireplace?

Different homes have different needs, and fireplaces fall into that category. If you’re a family with young children then a wood burning fireplace would be a big no go compared to a gas burning fireplace Wigan! So how can you decide which style of fireplace works best for you? Well with the help of this blog of course.

Wood or gas burning fireplace Wigan

There are four main things that we’re going to talk about when it comes to choosing your fireplaces. They are – efficiency, aesthetics and convenience.

Energy efficiency 

Gas fireplaces do heat up more efficiently compared to their wood burning counter part as they combustion system they use is closed which means all the warm air stays inside the home. Whereas wood burning fireplaces end up pushing the heated air up and out the chimney! Some gas fireplaces are now smart, which means they have the technology to be connect to your phone so when you’re on your way home from work on a cold winter’s night you can turn the fire on so it’s nice and toasty for when you get in.

Fireplace aesthetics 

So this is all personal taste. Some people prefer the more modern sleek style of the gas burning fireplace and some people like the soothing crackling of roasting logs. Many modern fireplaces do give off the wood effect without the hassle of having a wood burning fireplace. So it’s worth taking the time to look at all of the options available.


We can’t deny that gas fireplaces are more convenient that those wood burning ones. They need less watching over and you don’t have to spend time chopping up wood (or going to a shop to buy it.) You also have a lot more freedom and flexibility with a gas fireplace as you can turn it on and off as you please, it doesn’t need any preemptive planning.


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