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Which wood burning stoves Wigan should you choose?

There are tons of wood burning stoves Wigan in the market to choose from at the moment. Some homes may suit a certain design or type of wood burning stove. So, this guide will allow you to educate yourself on which is best for you and your home!

There are two type of stoves, multi-fuel or just wood burning. Both come with their benefits, for example the multi fuel stove can burn wood, coal, wood pellets or peat. Whereas a wood burning stove can only burn wood and wood derived fuel like sawdust bricks.

Both stoves look very similar by having the wood burning stoves aesthetics. So, the advantages from choosing these stoves include: quality, ease of use, value and durability. With all of these benefits known, it is clear why these types of stoves are popular.

Overall, the safest option is a wood burning stove because they use fuel that is likely to cause less pollution. Therefore, the people that live in the house will be breathing cleaner air. Multi-fuel stoves can be powered by a variety of fuels which is good, but some fuels can be toxic and bad to breathe in and for the environment! With this being considered wood burning stoves are generally a better option for many homes in the UK.

ELB Fireplaces range of wood burning stoves

In addition, some homes will work better with a multi fuel and other with wood. So, it is mostly just preference because ELB only sell the best quality stoves allowing anything you choose to be perfect for the job!

ELB Fireplaces have been in business for over 38 years, during this time we have been able to learn everything about fireplaces. So, if you need any advice on which type of stove if best for your home please ask! We have staff in our showroom that are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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