Category: Electric Fire Suites | Published: 28 May, 2019

Why Should You Choose a Wall Mounted Electric Fire?

Having a fire in your home adds to that feeling of warmness and being cosy. They’re perfect for those long winter nights! Or even just to warm your living room up after a cooler summer’s evening. And the easiest way to get a fire into your home is through the use of wall mounted electric fires Wigan.

So you might be asking why should you choose this over the other types of fires that we provide?

Well, one of the biggest reasons pros is the ease of installation. All they need is to be hung safely on the wall and they need to be plugged in, what could be simpler? They also require very little maintenance compared to more traditional fireplace styles. There’s no need to empty any ash, clean the chimney or even buy any fuel! So it could be a money saving option in the long run.

Another big positive when it comes to wall mounted fires is the fact that don’t lose any unnecessary heat through the chimney or any outside emissions. Which is what would normally happen with chimney fireplaces.

This style of fireplace is normally very popular with families. This is because they don’t have the hazards that comes with a more traditional fireplace. Many electric fireplaces also come with a cool touch safety glass which means little fingers will be safe even when it’s on.

And finally, wall mounted electric fires are all the rage now! They being featured more and more in interior design magazines etc. And we’re sure that there will be a style of electric fire that would fit perfectly in your home.

Wall mounted electric fires Wigan

If you’d like any more information on electric fires, or any of the fires and fireplaces that we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today!

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