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Thought a Fireplace was Impossible for Your Home? Think Again with ELB’s Flueless Fireplaces

If, like many people, you’ve long dreamed of owning a home with its own fireplace but you’ve been unable to have one fitted due to your property’s lack of a chimney or flue space, you’re probably very disappointed.

A fireplace provides a cosy place for you to relax with your family, friends, partner or pets during long autumn and winter nights, a spot to open Christmas presents, hang stockings and tell stories, a place that can simply serve as a wonderful aesthetic addition to your home.However, before you pack up your things and move to a house where fireplaces are an option, you should consider this alternative. ELB Fireplaces offers designs that can be simply and easily installed with no stress and no requirement for extra space or the existence of any chimney or flue at all.

How Do Flueless Fires Work?

0Flueless fireplaces are fueled by natural gas or propane, which you will find at any number of hardware, DIY or fireplace stores. The fire burns this fuel, and any waste gases exit the fire through a vent into the air. The main waste product of these fires is carbon dioxide, something we all breathe out. It’s a natural gas, and is not at all dangerous at these levels. Most flueless fires have their own recommended minimum size of room in which they may be installed, but apart from this there are no other requirements. You don’t even need a supply of electricity to get it to work.

The Eko 5040

Other Benefits of a Flueless Fire

Not only does the fact that these particular fittings require no flue or chimney mean that they are far more versatile than a traditional fireplace, but they are also more practical in terms of heat distribution. When it comes to fireplaces with chimneys or flues, a great deal of the heat they generate is lost into the air above the house as it ascends through the opening. Because a flueless fireplace has no upper opening through which heat can rise to any great degree, more warmth spreads into the room in which it sits.

Styles of Flueless Fire

There are a number of elegant options when it comes to choosing your flueless fire, from the discreet and minimalist to the more flamboyant and traditional.

  1. The Eko Brand

At ELB Fireplaces, we stock a number of designs by Eko, a brand that puts the environment first. The flueless fires of theirs that can be found in our showroom are the Ekos 5010, 5030, 5040, 5070 and 5090.

The Eko 50101

The 5010

The Eko 5010 is an elegant silver fire that comes with an variety of optional surrounds to frame its clam shell-like fret. We love the pale yellow stone effect complete with tapering arch – who said modern fireplaces couldn’t be ornate?

The 5030

Far more “contemporary” in its design, the 5030 offers a bold matte brushed metal look contrasted against a sharp white mantelpiece and black surround. Perfect if you love a bit of modern monochrome in your decor.

The 5040

This is a simple and elegant wall-mounted flueless fire with a polished glass front and a variety of frets and frames available to match your existing home decor. If you love your fittings sharp, and fresh, we love the 5040 with a classic white frame and stainless steel fittings.

The 5070 and 5090

These are two slightly different iterations of a similar design. The 5070 comes in the form of a classy, rectangular opening, while the 5090 is elegantly elongated. Both can be fitted part way up your wall, doubling as eye-catching artistic features as well as practical design elements to add that little bit of extra warmth and cheer to your home. Both come in a variety of different colours.

  1. The Radium Brand

Our Radium flueless fire can also be placed part way up a wall in almost any room, and boasts a shiny glass finish over an elegant, broad black surround in front of a silver-white frame. The Radium stands out from the wall on which it is mounted to give a lovely sense of depth and cosiness.


If you wish to take a look at any of our flueless fires, all you need to do is visit ELB Fireplaces’ showroom, which can be found at 70 Twist lane, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 4DP. You can call in between Monday and Friday from 9.30am until 4.30pm or on Saturday from 10am until 3.30pm. Otherwise, feel free to call our team on 01942 607 250 to discuss your options and talk through what is available. Our friendly experts will be more than happy to offer you help and advice.

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