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How to make the most out of your fireplace in the summer

Hopefully we’ll see some sun in the UK this summer (we say with baited breath.) Good news for us yes, but not so good news for your fireplace. You’ll seldom need your fireplace in the summer, apart from the occasional cool summer evening. But, there are ways that you can still make the most of it.

Use the dormant months to clean your fireplace

It is very important that you clean your fireplace regularly, so what better an excuse than dormancy to give it a through and through clean? When you know you won’t be using your fireplace for some time, it’s a good idea to clean all its aspects – including the chimney or flue.

Some people may see the cleaning of their fireplace as a dreaded task, but it doesn’t need to be. Head over to our blog for tips and tricks on how to clean your stove or fireplace so that it looks sparkling new, in no time at all.

Decorate your fireplace this summer

Our most popular idea for making the most out of your fireplace in the summer would be to decorate it. This doesn’t mean decorating the unit itself, but the area around it (decorating the actual fireplace may damage it – so we would advise against this). A fireplace makes a lovely addition to a home, so why not emphasise it even more so with some classy decor?

Though you can choose to decorate the surrounding area in any way you would like, here are some of our recommendations:

Add a splash of colour

Why not really jazz up your fireplace by swapping your standard logs for coloured ones? You can buy a variation of log shape, sizes and colours online which are bound to set your model aside from everybody elses. What more, you can match your fireplace to your home decor and really use your fireplace to finish off your room’s furnishings.

Using your fireplace in the summer - ELB Fireplaces

Logs don’t have to be practical 100% of the time, and more often that not people do use them solely for decoration purposes. When you’re not using your fireplace in the summer months, you could take heed of this idea too. Find logs that suit the style of your home and proudly display them in your fireplace.

Jazz up the mantelpiece

Whilst they are an effective statement piece on their own, the mantelpiece or surrounding area of the fire is a perfect base to ‘dress up’.

You can decorate the area any way you like, but we like the idea of using flowers in vases and small ornaments that match the decor of your home.

Using your fireplace in the summer - ELB Fireplaces

Keep it glowin’

For a summer glow without the heat, why not take the logs out of your fireplace and stand candles up instead? Various sized candles set alight will create a homely and welcoming ambience, without the unwanted heat in summer months. Remember to ensure your candles are standing in a base to ensure the wax does not drip on to the base of your fireplace and damage it.

Using your fireplace in the summer - ELB Fireplaces

Mirror mirror on the mantel

We mentioned decorating the mantelpiece with flowers and ornaments, but how about a mirror to really finish off the look?

You can either hang it above the fireplace, or simply rest it on top of the mantle (with proper provisions). It’s classy, it’s stylish and above all, it’s practical – a perfect way to jazz up your fireplace in the summer months. Plus, this look can stay put all year round.

Using your fireplace in the summer - ELB Fireplaces

Or simply, use it in the summer

Because who are we kidding? The UK is no known heat haven, and even in the summer months we are still to suspect some cool days and even cooler nights.

Use your fireplace for its intended purpose whenever you see fit. If your home is in need of a little extra heat then don’t shy away from using it, even if it is mid-July.

At the end of the day, your fireplace is an all-in-one wonder. It’s stylish and sophisticated, but also boasts practicality and roaring heat. You should therefore use it at any and every opportunity you see fit, and yes… That includes the summer.

For more information about fireplace care and maintenance, or to browse our range of models; contact ELB Fireplaces today.

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