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Is it Time to Replace My Old Fire or Stove?

Why Should I Replace My Stove or Fire?

If your fireplace or stove is looking a little worse for wear these days, you may actually be saving money by replacing it. What’s more, your home would almost certainly be made a safer and more comfortable place as a result.

Stoves and fireboxes that are cracked or warped – or have ill-fitting doors or connections – are more likely to let out smoke and reduce the effects of combustion, thereby wasting fuel, as the pressure and temperature inside can’t be as easily controlled. Not to mention that this can pose a dangerous threat in your home to yourself and your family.

Investing in a brand new stove or fire can be beneficial to you both financially and environmentally. Modern construction techniques mean that up to date models can produce heat more efficiently and in a greener way, meaning they’re wasting less fuel and producing fewer pollutants.

How Do I Know if My Stove or Fire Needs to be Replaced?

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There are a few clear ways to decide whether or not you should be getting rid of your old fire or stove – the first being the appearance of rust.

While a little discolouration of the metal is inevitable (since all fuels contain certain amounts of moisture that are bound to cause some degree of condensation and erosion within the appliance’s body) any rust should be easily removable with steel wool. As soon as patches of the firebox or stove itself begin to heavily flake or erode right through, there’s very little that can be done though. Of course, this only tends to happen to rather ancient models, but it also depends on the type of fuel you’ve been burning and how dry or well seasoned it has been.

Another sign to look out for is the stove or firebox (or any of its components) becoming ill-fitting or dilapidated. As soon as a door or an ash dump becomes difficult or impossible to close correctly, you need to start being wary of smoke, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide being released into the air in your living space. This can cause breathing problems as well as creating a cleaning nightmare by covering furniture in fine ash – or even worse, coal – dust.

How Do I Get My Stove or Fire Removed?

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If you are directly replacing your old feature, the chances are that the company fitting the new one will take it out for you, as they may be able to fit your new purchase directly in its place. So long A. this is what was agreed at the start B. you can prove that there are no structural issues with the architecture or sealing of the chimney or flue, and C. the chimney and flue have recently been attended to by a chimney sweep.

It’s definitely worth checking with the installers of your new fireplace, however, as not all companies provide this service and you may need to seek out a specialist removal firm separately.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get your old stove or fireplace totally disposed of for you by the company that is fitting your new one, however. As long as it’s still safe or can be mended easily, you could put it up for sale on sites like Gumtree or Freecycle, as there you can arrange for it to be sold on a “collection only” basis – meaning the buyer must come and pick it up, saving you the trouble. You must be sure to list it along with all defects to make sure the buyer knows about any work that needs to be done and any potentially dangerous elements. With help, you can also transport your stove or firebox to the local tip – after first making sure that it will be accepted when you arrive with it!

Where Should I Go for my New Fire or Stove?

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ELB Fireplaces can install a new fireplace either in place of an old model or in an entirely new location as long as it is judged to be suitable. You can choose from wood, coal, natural gas and electric fires and stoves of a wide variety of designs and styles – from the most classic and traditional to the perfectly contemporary. Take a look at our online store or visit our showroom for further information.

If you’d like to find out more about the process involved in getting your fire or stove replaced, just contact ELB Fireplaces today on 01942 607 250.

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