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Panoramic Fire Buyers Guide

A Panoramic Fire is certainly the modern fireplace experience, built specifically for high-end living rooms. Above all, this is a visual pleasure unlike any other…

A Panoramic Fire is certainly the modern fireplace experience, built specifically for high-end living rooms. In the past living room fires were something to be careful with, and apply caution around children and flammable items around the fireplace. However, these completely remove this paranoia and above all, this is a visual pleasure unlike any other fireplace as it is catered to your very needs and wants.

ELB aims to make fireplace purchases a lot easier, understanding the specifics of what our customers need. Of course, we have a fine collection of different panoramic fires with authentic-looking designs, and most are available to look at in-store.

What is a Panoramic Fire?

In the simplest terms, a Panoramic Fireplace projects a hyper-realistic fire with the usual heat output. These are used in modern decors to bring a unique atmosphere to the room. Ultimately, this brings you the most freedom when it comes to your ideal fireplace experience.

Whilst most traditional fireplace systems differ in design and appearance, these take it to a new level. Panoramic 3-Sided Electric Fire systems are the best example of this, making the most out of design space. Choose the flame appearance which brings your desired ambiance to your living room.

ELB personally recommend Panoramic Electric Fires, due to their streamlined appearances. Gone are the days of having to have a bulky chimney taking up space in your living room. Select a fire that captures the desired feel of your home.                                                                                                                                     

What is the most realistic electric fire?

There are two industry leaders in the British electrical fire market, these are Evonic and Gazco.

Both companies are always looking to build new ideas around what a fireplace should be. Gazco becoming known for its water vapour technology used to achieve stylish flames.

Read below about Evonic Panoramic Electric Fireplace systems. Evonic is regarded as one of the market leaders in innovative fireplace technology and design. Actually being our most popular providers of panoramic fireplaces to use within media wall designs.

Is an Evonic Panoramic Fire any good?

Evonic Panoramic Electric Fires are the go-to brand for the most effective panoramic fire solution. This is due to how Evonic has been able to keep improving the desired fundamentals of a panoramic fire. So, invest in a fireplace that can specifically work around your layout and living room needs.

Firstly, Evonic aim to get more out of your typical electric fire by ensuring as little energy as possible is wasted. Sustainability and Long Term Affordability are certainly the keys here, as no fire system should be a hindrance. As a result of this, they aren’t just efficient in performance, but efficient for your bills too.

Do Evonic fires give off heat?

Evonic Fires aren’t just for looks, they certainly give off heat. By using the temperature settings you are able to change the temperature for your preferred heat. And the Panoramic Electric Fire can also be used without heat and just for appearance.

If you are looking to bring the convenience of a Panoramic Electric Fireplace into your home, get in touch. ELB’s team is here to help support you and give you the best advice for new fireplaces. So, to discuss your project with our team click here.

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