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Northern Lights Colour Changing Fir Cones

For an extra special Christmas treat, why not change the colours of your flames? These Northern Lights Colour Changing Fur Cones are perfect for adding a bit of Christmas magic to your fireplace, changing your flames to mystical shades of blue, purple and turquoise – mimicking the famous Northern Lights.

They’ll make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who wants to capture the magic of the Northern Lights in their own home (or as a present from you, to you if you fancy getting some for yourself!). The great thing is that you don’t have to travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles, to see these.

They’re great for parties and get-togethers, with the coloured flames serving to wow your guests. Create a magnificent display of colour changing flames in the comfort of your own home.

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Are they suitable for woodburning stoves?

Good news! The fir cones are suitable for both open fires and woodburners, so you needn’t miss out if you have a stove but not a fire.

Some fun facts about the Northern Lights

  • They are visible from space, and satellites have taken some beautiful images of the Northern Lights from outside of the earth’s atmosphere.
  • It’s not just earth – other planets have them too!
  • They tend to only appear in places close to the north pole, but occasionally venture further south.
  • They’re created when protons and electrons travel out from the earth’s surface and slam into the earth’s magnetic field.

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