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Marble Fireplaces in Altrincham

 Marble Fireplaces in AltrinchamLooking to buy marble fireplaces in Altrincham? It can add dignity, beauty and charm to an otherwise plain décor and become the centerpiece of your room. Marble fireplaces lend a touch of luxury and glamour too. If you select a neutral shade, you don’t need to worry when you want to change the colour scheme of your interiors, since a marble fireplace is a premium purchase. Most royal and stately dwellings round the world have marble fireplaces and they have stood the test of time, mellowing as they age. People are naturally drawn to the hearth on cold winter days and long evenings and marble fireplaces blend seamlessly into the lovely setting with a touch of class. One of the best things about using marble is that it can be used to create any kind of theme – antique, classical, art deco, period, elaborately carved or simple and elegant, sleek or contemporary in a variety of different types of stone.

In Altrincham, marble fireplaces can be part of any kind of home or office setting. There are many reputed companies who stock a wide range of marble sourced from different parts of the world. The most popular types are Italian marble, in a variety of shades, ranging from rose-pink to grey-blue. Some are delicately veined with different shades, depending on the mineral content. Marble itself may have small imperfections, but these add to the charm. Installation is relatively simple. Companies like ELB Fireplaces Ltd offer a range of products and services including design, installation and accessories. Such firms can also help install gas, electrical or traditional fuel burning fires, with the kind of fireplace and surround you want. Their staff is fully licensed, trained and competent to carry out even major restructuring jobs.

Marble fireplaces in Altrincham also require regular maintenance. Some people may hesitate to buy marble, as they assume it’s difficult to clean and gets easily stained. However, all you need to do is mop up spillages immediately and use some special cleaning agents for a quick wipe daily and your lovely marble fireplace stays looking good for centuries! Contact ELB Fireplaces today to enquire about marble fireplaces.

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