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How long does it take to install a fireplace?

How long does it take to install a fireplace?

The first question you should ask, is what kind of fireplace you’re looking for, and which is right for your home. The choice between a fireplace, fire, or stove.

Generally speaking, the installation of a fireplace could all be done in one day, if everything goes well, otherwise it could take upwards of a week. The skill and speed of the company doing the work on your home could factor into the delivery time as well.

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Is my chimney blocked?

This is the first question that should be asked, as this could take up a lot of time when looking to get an old fireplace refurbished or refitted, or if you haven’t had a fireplace fitted before, your Chimney will need to be prepared for usage.

The flue, known as the inside of the chimney, needs to be checked by one of our experts to see if smoke or gas leaks, and has to be patched up accordingly.

Smoke testers and chimney sweeps can be used to check the health of the flue after being opened up, and a plumber can check for gas leaks in a gas-fuelled fireplace.

My chimney has been checked! What next?

Unfortunately, we’re not quite ready to install your brand new fireplace yet, as much as we would love to. The boundaries around a fireplace should be constructed of a non-combustible material, such as brick or cement. It should also be thick enough to not crack or erode, and has to have enough visual obviousness so occupants to a building know not to lay carpet or other combustible decor too close to the open fire.

You may, after the fireplace has been fitted, use barriers or covers to ward off any potential young ones from getting in to an accident.

Okay. All of that has been seen to.

We’re as excited as you are, and you’re not far off the finished product at this point. All in all, the installation of a brand new fireplace can be boiled down to one day. However, if you’ve run in to any of the above, then the project could reach to two or three days, or upwards of a week at maximum, given the possibility that experts are busy or booked up.

If you require further information or queries in regards to the installation or prices of our fireplaces, stoves, and fires, you can get in touch with ELB Fireplaces today.

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