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We recommend you head down to our fireplace showroom Leigh, just outside of Wigan. Here you can discover a range of world-class fires, fireplaces and stoves. The showroom is easily reachable from the whole of the northwest, including Manchester, Bolton, Bury and surrounding areas.

Ashton In Makerfield, Bryn, Atherton, Hindley, Abram, Leigh, Lowton, Golborne, Orrell, Higher End, Winstanley, Standish, Aspull, Shevington, Tyldesley and Astley.

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Fires Wigan

Fireplaces Wigan

Fireplaces Wigan

For our Wigan customers,  ELB Fireplaces have all kinds of fireplace designs and types on display at our Fireplace Showroom Wigan. Based in nearby Leigh, we have gained a reputation for our luxury fireplaces at the most affordable prices. So let’s take a look at what we have to offer in fire surrounds and accessories!

Maintaining Appearance and Safety

A fireplace mantel is a hood that projected over a fire grate to catch the smoke of the flames. Nowadays, mantels have been designed to now look very stylish and can be the finishing touch to any living room aesthetic.

A mantel is certainly needed for some fireplaces, otherwise the smoke would be in the room when the fire is in use. So investing in a mantel will be vital to protecting your home and taking care of your safety. The mantels we have on offer also look and work well with lots of the fire stove we have in stock.

In addition, at ELB Fireplaces you will have a choice of material for fireplace mantels such as limestone, marble, and wood. Some are more expensive than others so it may depend on your budget which material you choose for your fireplace. Fortunately, all the materials and designs have been hand-selected for looking prestigious and fashionable.

Fireplace Inserts Wigan

At ELB Fireplaces we also have fires that you can insert into your previous open fireplace. These come with lots of benefits such as more efficient in terms of energy and money. Above all, you don’t have to get the fireplace changed so that your new stove can operate in it.

Moreover, a fire insert lasts over 30 years. So you know that you are making an investment that is worth it when it comes to the long-term.

Also, the only thing that is needed for an insert to work is a proper chimney liner that most homes already have. But if not it will be a big consideration of what route you want to go down!

Gas & Electric Fireplaces Wigan

With a fireplace screen, you will be able to reap benefits like preventing sparks from the fire getting into the room. Plus a fire screen prevents pets and kids from getting close to the fire.

A screen can also help keep the space around the fire clean because bits of coal. As well as hot embers may get out of the fireplace.

Overall, a fireplace screen is a safety feature that all fires must have! For only a small cost you can keep your family safe around your fire. So, shop at ELB Fireplaces Wigan.

Electric Fires Wigan

Electric Fires Wigan

Are you looking for a brand new Electric Fireplace Wigan? If so then ELB Fireplaces have a range of solutions in stock, so look no further!

Electric Fire Inserts is the all-year solution!

An Electric insert fire will be able to go in the place your previous fire was with no issues at all. An electrical insert fireplace comes with benefits such as 100% efficiency and will heat up rooms quickly.

As a result of the fire being electric it means you can choose to have the flame on without heat. Thus giving a cosy feeling through the summer when it’s already warm. Plus, they’re also cheap to install.

Overall, an electric fireplace inserts are very affordable and can work better than gas fires in some cases. Additionally, there are plenty of designs that will fit in with the rest of your interior.

Ultra-modern Designs for your Living Room

If you are looking for an electric fireplace and a TV stand for your living room then we have a section of fireplace TV stands in stock. This is a great alternative to getting two individual pieces that take up lots of room. They are available in various sizes so they can look good in any room and, with any size of the TV.

ELB has fireplace TV stands that are suitable for 50 inches and over TVs as well as 40 inches and below, so you do not have to sacrifice anything when you go down this route. Additionally, there is a large range of styles and colours to choose from.

The actual fire in the stand is fully electric with 100% efficiency. Not to mention how installation costs stay affordable as it’s super easy to install!

Electric Fireplace Suites Wigan

Finally, if you are looking to go down the electric fireplace suite route then you can choose from multiple stunning styles and colours. Our range of contemporary electric fireplaces have been designed with real homes in mind. This may just be the finishing touch to your beautiful room.

Stoves Wigan

Stoves Wigan

For Wigan Stoves that will be perfect for your home, we recommend popping into the ELB Fireplaces Showroom. This is because for many years now we have been installing a wide selection of stoves into homes. Here in our showroom, there are collections of stoves and a helpful team ready to help.

Why are Pellet Stoves so desirable?

A Pellet Stove is a type of stove that burns compressed wood pellets to create a source of heat for homes of all sizes. Believe it or not, Pellet burning stoves are very easy to use as it produces a constant flame that requires little to no adjustments. The final result is a fireplace system that can warm up a whole house rather than just one room.

These types of Wigan Stoves receives high customer feedback ratings overall, meaning they work well for the consumer. This proves that they aren’t just eye-candy for your living room, but functions beyond your expectations!

Furthermore, this type of stove is environmentally friendly because of the eco-friendly fuel that they use, which is CO2 neutral. In terms of selection, ELB has a variety of pellet stove designs that you will be able to see at our Fireplace showroom.

Visit our Showroom for Wigan Stoves

Our Stove Showroom has a large range of Wigan Stoves, so feel free to browse all kinds in our stock. You can view all different functions and designs like electric, gas, wood-burning and freestanding stoves. Then, for styles, we have modern, contemporary and traditional in an array of colours allowing you to get a stove that will look great in your living room.

Do I need a chimney to install a stove? The answer is NO, you do not need a chimney to have a fully operating stove of any kind. However, you will need to purchase some kind of ventilation system.

Luckily for you, ELB’s expert fitters can plan and design your stove installation.

Gas Fires Wigan

Gas Fires Wigan

Browsing for a brand new Gas Fireplace? ELB Fireplaces have a variety of top of the line Gas Fireplaces for you to choose!

Gas Fireplace Insert Wigan

Generally, a gas fireplace insert is known to heat up a large area for a low cost, making the initial investment worth the money. Also, with the reliable heat output of a gas insert you will not regret the decision at all because you’ll get the feel of a high quality product.

In addition, a gas insert fireplace is fairly easy to fit, as they use the space of the old stove to then replace and upgrade it hugely. The benefits you will feel are instant with warmth through the whole room, very efficient and good for health for you and the environment. And, we offer lots of colours and designs that are able to match any room.

Gas Fire Surrounds Wigan

There are lots of material to choose from when looking for a fire surround, for instance you can choose a wooden surround to match the theme of the room it’s getting fitted into. So, the surround for your gas fireplace is what brings the whole look together whether you are looking for a modern or traditional look, the surround can make that happen.

Overall, you can choose whatever fire surround you like for your gas fireplace as it’s more about what looks good with the room and the actual gas fire! At the ELB showroom we have a range of surrounds ready to be viewed to help you make the decision; our staff can tell you anything that you need to know about gas fires and the surrounds making the process as stress free as possible.

Find us in Leigh

If you’re looking for a dependable fireplace showroom in Wigan, where you can browse a wide range of fireplaces and stoves, look no further than ELB Fireplaces. We have over 30 years’ experience in fitting all types of fireplaces, fires and stoves, and a member of our friendly team will be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have.

How to reach us by car from Wigan

Our postcode is WN7 4DP. We’re easy to reach by car, just take the B5237. Depending on the traffic, you should reach us in around 25 minutes.

If you’re looking for a dependable fireplace showroom in the local area, where you can browse a wide range of fireplaces and stoves. Look no further than ELB Fireplaces!

We have over 30 years’ experience in fitting all types of fireplaces, fires and stoves. And a member of our friendly team will be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have.

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