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Fireplaces for Modern Homes

Minimalism, simple lines and pared-back furnishings are all the rage currently, and, done correctly, this look is extremely appealing and stylish. However, many homeowners feel that opting for this particular style of decor means that they are cut off from some of the comforts of a traditional home.

One particular fitting that is often foregone for fear that it creates a more “old-fashioned” feel is the fireplace. However, there are many options available in fireplace, fire and stove design that allow you to keep the sharp modern feel you’ve been dreaming of while still being able to enjoy the warmth and cosiness that these features allow. So what are your best options when it comes to fireplaces and stoves for modern homes?

  1. The Contemporary Free Standing Stove

Stoves have achieved unmitigated popularity within the last decade, largely due to their versatility and the current fashion of installing them as a stand out stylistic feature as well as a means of keeping warm and cosy. There are a number of different models of contemporary free standing stoves available, from the elegant and simple Termatech Bazic – which stands on stilts and offers the added interest of a visible flue pipe – to the striking Contura i41t which doubles as a stunning piece of wall art or sculpture. From the compact to the grand-scale, stoves work wonderfully against a wide variety of backgrounds, whether traditional or contemporary.

  1. The Wall Mounted Fire

For those who would prefer a fire that allows them to save space while still enjoying all the warmth and aesthetic benefits it can offer, it’s absolutely possible to opt for a fitting that sits flush with your wall. The Radium is a lovely choice, its black surround extruded from the wall in a subtle but eye-catching manner. Another great option is the Ethos Landscape – available in a grey that works perfectly with the current trend for pastel colours, and framed in a series of layers that give the impression of cosy depth.

  1. The Statement Fireplace

Of course, your taste for minimalism does not have to extend to every single feature in your home. In fact, sometimes, a very simple background can be just the thing to accompany an impressive feature. If you are a fan of this particular home decor technique, then you should take a look at the Vincenza, an exquisitely ornate limestone creation that, with a jet black interior, serves as a wonderful focal point for any otherwise-subtly-furnished room. Another option of this kind is the Celtic Cast Iron – perfect for any decorator who loves metallics and solid workmanship along with delicate traditional designs that serve as a perfect contrast to minimalist surroundings.

  1. The Square-and-Sharp

The bauhaus school of modern design uses strong, block-like shapes to create solid, stylish looks. The Destiny fireplace offers powerful lines to complement any home that borrows from Germanic or Nordic design in particular. You could also choose The Sorrento if crisp, white, elegant simplicity is more to your taste. Drawing from a look that is extremely popular on the Costa Del Sol in Spain and the beachfront villas of Italy, here’s a touch of class without any fussiness.

  1. The Artistic Minimalist

Another great approach is to go completely against the grain and choose a feature that has a strong alternative feel, doing away with tradition and injecting an element of intrigue. If you want your visitors to consider your fireplace an artistic statement, you may wish to invest in something not dissimilar to the Newham, a simple white bowl set within a wall and surrounded by a smooth, pale mantelpiece.

All of these styles and more can be found at ELB Fireplaces, experts in fireplaces, multi-fuel and log burning stoves, electric fires and gas fires. If you have any questions about their products or wish to find out a little more about which fireplace or stove would best suit your home – in both a stylistic and practical sense – just call their friendly team today on 01942 607 250 or visit their showroom which can be found at 70 Twist lane, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 4DP. It’s open Monday to Friday to 9.30am until 4.30pm and also on Saturdays from 10am until 3.30pm, so feel free to drop by and browse the full range.

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