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Fireplace Trends for 2023

Winter is here, and there is nothing better than to snuggle up in front of the fire with a hot drink. The fireplace is the number 1 asset of a home, both practical and aesthetic. Indeed, it warms the house and gives it an ultimate source of ambiance, tranquillity, and comfort. Fireplace Trends for 2023 have also become a symbol of style and luxury,

To add a fireplace to your living room, look at the upcoming fireplace trends for 2023. Firstly, to make the right choice, you need to know the different types of fireplaces and find the one that suits you best. Easier said than done with all the increasingly modern types and styles on the market.

ELB Fireplaces for 2023

Come and visit our ELB Fireplaces showroom in Leigh, Greater Manchester, and appreciate our stunning range of over 100 fireplaces and stoves. Our main intention is to find customers high-quality fireplaces and stoves that we can sell at the most reasonable price. Moreover, we are here to help you find that perfect fireplace for your home.
This year you will also see trends focusing on the practical use of space. Fireplaces and television sets that will share the same wall to utilize space and make your home look as decluttered as possible. Also, the well-blended-in fireplace is trending – think color-matching the materials to the walls or achieving a neat look by adding a minimal touch of definition.

Choosing the right Fireplace

Your choice of fuel will be necessary for selecting a fireplace. Whether you prefer wood, coal, gas, or electric fires, there are superb designs available at ELB Fireplaces. All of which come with numerous frame and surround options that you can choose from to suit the look of your space.
If you stay in the classic with a wooden model, you will have to find wood that will perfectly heat the room without burning too quickly. The best options on the market are oak or beech wood. Keep in mind, however, that in 2023 a new European standard will come into force. Thresholds for yields and particle emissions will be set to reduce pollution.

Popular Trends for 2023

A popular choice is the double-sided fireplaces allow you to “see through” the other side of the fireplace. It’s a sophisticated way of dividing open floor plans. It’s a favourite choice among interior designers because they act as a home’s statement piece. It will grow in popularity in this year.
 Also, minimalist is a major design trend in 2023, so clean-finish fireplaces are in and are here to stay. Neutral tones, natural materials and a simple finish combine to form a calming, soothing element in the living room.
Furthermore, for those on a budget, a single insert in still a good option; it remains very stable, providing you with the function you need at an affordable price. To find out more about our range of fireplaces and stoves. Get in touch or visit our showroom and look at the range of traditional and contemporary models. A team member will be on hand to help with the decision-making.



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