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What size of stove do I need?

The size of the stove is normally the first thing to consider when buying a stove. The size of the stove is normally rated by kilowatt output (kW) or in BTU’s, which enables us to understand the amount of heat the stove produces per hour.

1kW = 3400 BTU’s

To find out which size stove you need for your home, first estimate the size of the room, or have it measured. Also determine the quality of insulation of your home e.g. older properties will often have poorer insulation than newer properties.

For every 1kW heat output it will approximately heat:

14m3 – Average insulated area.


Room measurements – Height: 2.4m, Width: 5m, Length: 6m

Total room volume: 2.4m x 5m x 6m = 72m3

Average Insulation = 1kW will heat 14m3

Heat needed for the room is: 72m3 / 14m3 = 5.14kW

So in this instance a 5kW stove would be ideal plus there is no need for an Airvent as it’s under 5kW. The kW rating on a stove is a nominal figure which is an average reading, so by using the correct fuel you will get unto a couple of kW’s more out of it.