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Energy Efficient Fireplaces – As the cost of gas & electricity continues to rise

Energy-Efficient Fireplaces – As the cost of gas & electricity continues to rise and have risen to their highest levels in decades, we must take control of ourselves and take more care of our energy uses and how we choose to heat our homes. Even though modern gas fires tend not to use too much gas.

However, the constant price increases can be a difficult energy source to judge when it’s a time when everyone is tightening their belt. Especially when we are coming to the end of the year and entering the coldest months, you might be tempted to boost your heating a little bit and worried about the cost of your energy bills.

Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Fireplaces

Additionally, being environmentally aware is something that can also influence us to buy energy efficient fireplaces as well as save money. Saving energy and keeping our eco-footprint in check is something that many people now consider when making any purchase. This is particularly true when buying large appliances for our home or choosing how we heat our home.

If you like the look of a fireplace but aren’t sure what type will be the most energy efficient and best suited to your home. ELB Fireplaces are here to help you find that perfect addition.

Gas Fires

Gas fires are a popular fuel type for heating homes, with many properties using gas to heat their homes via a gas boiler. Installing a gas fireplace can be to many as an alternative to burning wood or solid fuel. Gas fires can achieve up to 86% efficiency, and a flueless gas fire is 100% energy efficient. Also, a gas fire doesn’t use as much energy and is cheaper to run, additionally, they also don’t produce any smoke.

Not only is gas cheaper to run than electricity, but it can also provide outputs about three times as much as electric fires and less hassle than buying and storing logs for stoves. One of the advantages of a gas fire is that you don’t necessarily need a chimney; you can purchase balanced flue fires, which are vented through an external wall, or even flueless models.

Furthermore, gas fires tend to look more authentic than most electric fires.

However, gas fires have an environment impact as they burn non-renewable fossil fuel. So for some people, this doesn’t make it as eco-friendly as they’d like.

Electric Fires

Electric fires lack the natural flame effect and may not heat a room the same way as a more traditional fireplace type; an electric fire is 100% efficient. All the generated heat goes into your room, and none is lost in a chimney or flue. There are no fumes from an electric fire, and they can use renewable energy to run. Also, it requires lower maintenance than other options, as electric fires don’t produce ash that needs clearing up.

On the downside, though, they tend to require more energy and electricity; electricity is a much more expensive fuel than gas or wood, especially in this current climate. Plus, electricity uses much more power than gas or wood. 

Energy Efficient Wood Burning Stoves

 Whereas, most recently log burning stoves have become more popular, as you’ll spend less on energy bills by having a solid fuel burning stove. However, for it to be energy efficient when burning wood, the wood is thoroughly dried. A stove with a sealed glass front is an eco-friendlier fireplace for burning solid fuel than an open fire. Using a stove or log burner correctly is a carbon-neutral method to heat a property.
Furthermore, buying a wood-burning stove can range considerably from £400 to over £2000, depending on the type. So, there are essential considerations to consider, like, what fuel do you want to burn? This then dictates whether you can buy a log burner or a multi-fuel stove.

ELB Fireplaces will help you choose the right wood burning stove to suit your home and lifestyle. Also, registered with Gas Safe (92120) and Hetas (2802). So, you can rest assured that each of our stove fitters is fully qualified to install your stove or log burner. 

Why buy from ELB Fireplaces

Here at ELB Fireplaces, our family-run business also has a wide range of Fireplaces to choose from and will provide you with complete fireplace and stove installation service, so come and visit our Fireplace showroom based in Leigh.

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