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Electric fires for conservatories: a guide

A conservatory provides a home with an extra room – normally to rest, relaxation and recreation. In the UK, conservatories need to have heating they can rely on all year. Central heating isn’t required in the summertime, but it’s nice to be able to heat up the space in the evenings when it gets cool.

Wintertime will require a good source of heat, whenever the room is in use. But with heat being able to escape through the expanses of glass so easily, what’s the best way of heating a conservatory?

The glass, the depth of the walls and lack of proper insulation make conventional heating problematic, so conservatory owners face the big problem of the best way of heating the space. So if you’re looking into options, there’s a couple of things to bear in mind when you’re considering the best way of heating your conservatory:

Heating can be expensive

Conservatories have a tendency to be hot in summer and cold in winter. However, if your conservatory is regularly used, it’s worth bearing in mind the cost of heating the space in colder months – and doing it in the most cost effective way possible

Insulating your conservatory is key

Because of its structure, there is little to keep the heat in, so it’s important to focus on insulation. Blinds, curtains and roof insulation can all help to keep in the warmth generated by your heating appliance and keep costs lower.

The main building’s heating system must not be extended into the conservatory

This is to stop the connection of radiators and underfloor heating from being connected to gas boilers, leading to a large waste of excessive heat and unacceptable levels of carbon emissions.

Switch to electric

With our collective experience, we have found electric fires to be one of the best options for heating conservatories for the following reasons:

  • They’re easy to install
  • They’re easy to power up
  • They’re adaptable to any area
  • There’s no pipe work or ventilation to consider when you fit an electric fire.
  • There’s a wide range of electric fires to choose from – from wall mounted to free standing – which will ensure a suitable match to your conservatory.
  • You can easily adjust the settings of electric fires, making them ideal for cooler summer evenings, and colder winter days.
  • Electric fires give an instant heat, much quicker than underfloor heating or other alternatives.


If you need help looking into electric fires for conservatories, contact the experts at ELB Fireplaces , or pop along to our fireplace showroom, and we can show you exactly what heating solutions we recommend.


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