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How To Make The Most of Your Wood Burning Stoves

Having contemporary wood burning stoves Wigan in your home can be seen as the epitome of luxury! What better sound is there than the soft crackling of logs in the comfort of your own home? But there are a few things to take into account when it comes to making your fire last as long as possible and getting the most from it!

Different styles of wood burners

First off all, it’s crucial that we’re aware of what a wood burning stove is compared to a wood inset and wood burning fireplace as it all can get a little bit confusing sometimes. A wood stove is an object that can be placed practically anywhere in the home. However they need to be connected to a chimney in order to get rid of all the smoke. The chimney can be an existing one or you can install a factory built chimney. They’re perfect for adding heat to not only a room but the whole house.

A wood inset is designed to be installed into your existing fireplace in order to increase the efficiency. Whereas a fireplace is what is commonly seen in many homes. They can used for heat however they also make a fantastic focal point for the room!

How to make the most of your fire

To make the most of your fire, you need to understand fire works! To create fire you need three things, oxygen, heat and fuel. Then to keep the fire going, you need to make sure there is a constant source of all three things. For example, if the wood (fuel) is starting to burn down, add more fuel to keep it going. Or if you’ve closed the air pipes slightly and the flames begin to dim, open them up and let some more oxygen in the burner.

The type of wood you use also has an effect on the efficiency of your burner. Each type of wood has a different heat output. A good hardwood such as Hickory or Apple would be our ideal fuel source to burn.

Contemporary wood burning stoves Wigan

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