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How to care for your contemporary wood burning stove

You might be looking to upgrade your home comfort levels and you’ve chosen to do this with a brand new wood burning stove. Having contemporary wood burning stoves Bolton in your home can really bring your surroundings to their next level. But they do need to be maintained correctly in order to run in as best shape as possible.

The first place to start is by getting your stove serviced and swept on a regular basis. This service will ensure that all the parts are clean and working as safely and as efficiently as possible. The sweep will also make sure that there is no soot build up in either the flue or the chimney.

Your service engineer will check over all of the glass, the seals and rope as they’re also a key part in make sure your contemporary stove runs correctly. If anything is damaged, they will need replacing as soon as possible, before you use the fire again.

Once you know your contemporary wood burning stoves Bolton is in tip top shape, you need to make sure that you’re using the right fuel source. We would normally suggest using a dry wood over a wet wood. A dry wood needs fewer logs to burn the same amount as a larger amount of wet logs. Wet logs can actually lead to an increase of emissions and smoke. Burning wet wood also increases the soot build up and glass blackening.

When it comes to cleaning your contemporary stove, you don’t actually have to clean up after every burn. Dry wood burns better when it’s sat on it’s own cinders. When the ash starts to build up, just remove the top few inches, just to stop the overflow.

Contemporary wood burning stoves Bolton

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