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What to expect when having your Chimney Swept

For many people, a chimney sweep conjures up an image of an Oliver Twist-esque character, covered in soot and brandishing a tattered brush. The chimney industry has come a long way since the Victorian era, but is still in demand.

That’s why many chimney sweeping companies are very busy, especially between September and December.

We’ve put together a list of common questions that homeowners have regarding having their chimney swept for the first time, plus some tips on finding a great chimney sweep.

Will it be messy?

This is hands down the most common question regarding chimney sweeping. Many people fear that their property will be left covered in soot and dust, but this is not the case. Once they have surveyed the job that needs to be done, the chimney sweep will place a drop cloth across anything that could possibly be in the chimney fallout zone. If necessary, furniture will be moved and put back once the job is complete.

How often will I need to have my chimney swept?

How often you need to have your chimney swept depends on the type of fuel you use, how often you use it and the type of chimney you have. The National Association of Chimney Sweeps use the following frequencies as guidance:

Fuel Type Sweeping Frequency Needed
Smokeless fuel At least once a year
Wood Quarterly when in use
Bituminous coal Quarterly when in use
Oil Once a year
Gas Once a year

Preparing to have your chimney swept.

There are a few points to consider prior to having your chimney swept:

  • Your chimney will need time to cool down before your appointment, so avoid lighting a fire in your fireplace for at least 24 hours prior to having your chimney swept.
  • You may be offered some extras from your chimney sweep, for an extra fee. These include bird nest removal, cowl and pot fitting, minor chimney repairs and fire appliance repairs.

If you have a fireplace and are looking to replace it, or if you’re a fireplace newbie looking to choose your first design, we can help! We live and breath fireplaces here at ELB, so contact us and we’d be delighted to chat with you about your requirements.

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