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Chesney Stoves in Bolton

Nothing is more inviting than a happily burning fire in Chesney stoves in Bolton homes.

Chesney stoves in Bolton

A fireplace can be the focal point of a room, encouraging everyone to visit a while longer in the warmth and comfort of the room.  Fireplaces provide an age-old homeliness, a cosy ambience of happy smiles and home entertainment at its best. Not only do fireplaces bring about a feeling of goodwill, they also effectively reduce heating bills by warming up the room.  Many a child has warmed up in front of the fire after playing outdoors in the cold. You may have heard about the different kinds of fireplaces and stoves available on the market, but are you aware of Chesney stoves?

In Bolton, Chesney stoves are part of ELB Fireplaces’ contemporary collection.  These particular designs have been steered by the principle that while the detail and the form of the fireplace may have been redone to suit modern tastes, its proportions should still be governed by traditional considerations that ensure its size suits the room into which it is to be installed.  This contemporary collection has re-workings of both classical designs as well as few entirely new designs. A Chesney stove is a classy addition to any room, instantly increasing the home’s value, while bringing warmth and charm into the room.

Chesney stoves in Bolton are available at ELB Fireplaces.  ELB Fireplaces in Leigh Lancashire have been supplying Fireplaces and Woodburning/Multifuel Stoves to the public and builders for over 30 years.  ELB Fireplaces pride themselves on service and quality to provide you with high quality fireplaces and stoves to suit your home.  Since their establishment in 1982, they have been providing warmth by means of wonderful fireplaces to many homes and businesses. They are a family run business who pride themselves on delivering a good service, and on reliability. If you are looking for Chesney stoves, contact ELB Fireplaces.

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