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Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves | 22 Aug, 2014

Who will help me choose the best Woodburners in Preston?

Worried that you might buy the wrong woodburners in Preston? Stop! ELB Fireplaces has the best and friendliest staff ever! When one of our clients walked into our showroom located in Lancashire, she looked lost in the woodburning stoves section and enquired about the best woodburner that we had to offer. It turned out that she needed a good woodburner after her last one, which was a wedding gift from her parents, became too old after about 20 years and she had never bought one before. It was her first time getting a stove and she was quite clueless.       Who will help me choose the best Woodburners in Preston? In Preston, woodburners of all types and shapes are displayed in our showroom. The customer thought right to walk into our 30 year old established store where we have a huge display of woodburners including stoves, open fires, classical brick fireplace or even bespoke ones. Woodburning is one of the many ways to keep the house warm. It is important that you choose the best woodburner that actually serves the purpose you need. You have to bear in mind that an open woodburner is more likely to consume more energy as there is more heat loss compared to stove where the wood burns more slowly, thus, preserving more energy. A multifuel stove will burn both wood and coal whereas a woodburning stove does not have a grate and will burn the wood on a bed of ash and is rumoured to be the more efficient of the two. The woodburners come in various shapes including the traditional design, the more rectangular and lower shaped ones as well as contemporary ones.   Fireplaces Preston Should you have any enquiries regarding woodburners in Preston, do not hesitate to give us a ring or fill the enquiry form! You may even pay us a visit at our showroom. We have been in this business for a long time and our customers’ complete satisfaction is our goal. Did I mention that the lady left our store completely satisfied with the woodburner and our services? Contact us today.