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Mulitfuel Stoves

Mulitfuel Stoves | 25 Apr, 2014

ELB Fireplaces installs Multi Fuel Burners in Wigan

Many people today are choosing to install multi fuel burners in Wigan instead of a typical wood burning stove. This decision is usually based on fuel accessibility. If you have regular access to wood, thena wood burning stove is a good fit for your home. If you do not have access to wood on a regular basis, then multi fuel burner is the best choice for your home. In modern times, the decision to install a fireplace has more to do with aesthetics than practicality, although the latter is a definite bonus. Imagine coming home from a long day, only to sit in front of a relaxing fire. As more and more people move into urban spaces to live and work, installing a traditional fireplace is not an option, usually due to space constraints. Living in an urban space, enables people to access a variety of fuel sources, apart from wood. Multi fuel burners have the advantage of burning coal, wood, and smokeless fuel. How each of these fuel sources burn varies, which is why it is crucial that your multi fuel burner is optimized to burn all three fuels efficiently. ELB Fireplaces is often asked which is better to install in Wigan, a multi fuel burner or a traditional wood burning stove. Multi fuel burners have a grate that enables you to burn wood or coal, whereas wood burning stove usually don’t because wood burns on an ash-bed. Usually a wood burning stove will burn wood far more efficiently than a multi fuel burner, however only if the latter is not optimized. This why it becomes very important to choose a reliable company that has experience in installing multi fuel and wood burners. At ELB Fireplaces customers will be guided through the entire installation process, whether it is a multi fuel burner in Wigan, or a wood burning stove. For more information about ELB Fireplaces Ltd’s products and services, please contact them at 01942-607-250.