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Electric Suite Fireplaces

Electric Suite Fireplaces are designed to be a statement within any living room, lobby or suite setting. By just a click of a button, you will be able to create a very welcoming feel with absolute ease. Not to mention having the upside of keeping your home toasty too!

There are many different types of fires which come under Electric Suite Fireplaces. For instance, there are modern panoramic fireplaces with realistic visuals to traditional-inspired Chelsea Suite Fireplaces.

Above all, we suggest you pop by the ELB Fireplaces Leigh Showroom for further information. Here you can get a better grasp of colours and finishes which will only benefit your fireplace. Even if you don’t have a chimney you can enjoy the riches of having an Electric Suite Fireplace.


Is it worth the upgrade?

The biggest question with Electric Suite Fireplaces is do you need one right now? Of course in the UK industry all home appliances and furniture is going more and more towards sustainability. It is definitely worth investing in electric fires now, mainly due to all of the innovation in the past decade.

Choice is the biggest advantage of an Electric Suite Fireplace, combining different materials and colours. It is a very popular choice to have oak mantelpieces with a unique material like marble or limestone to compliment. Just a quick scroll of our website will give you a great idea of this selection.

Not to mention that with electric fires in particularly, control settings are a lot easier to use. And with our installation service, there is guaranteed to be no hiccups along the way.