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Hole-in-The-Wall Electric Fires

Hole-in-The-Wall Electric Fires give fireplace installation and design a lot more flexibility than more traditional models. More specifically, you will find these built into a recess and either sit against or sit within the wall.

Electric Wall Fires not just look to save space, but aesthetics have a huge important role to play. This sounds like a very modern approach to living room interior design the different selections in fireplaces massively vary. You will be glad to know that traditional, modern and even blends of the two can be found at ELB.

Across many years now, ELB Fireplaces have been electric fireplace specialists including Hole-in-the-Wall Fires. If you are looking to purchase a fireplace then have it installed, there is no better than ELB Fireplaces Leigh.


Why have Hole-in-the-Wall Fires become so desirable?

An electric fire is there to carry out a function, to heat up a living room so are Hole-in-the-Wall Fires over the top? Quite simply put, of course not these are most certainly the complete package.

To begin with, the hyper realistic flame pictures are similar to your solid fuel fires without the excessive running costs. Not to mention, there is a lot of selection with different fireplace frames too. As a result then you can achieve any appearance, for instance glass fronted fires and chrome plated fires.

However, these are more than just a pretty addition as the control you have with these is second to none. Each Hole-in-the-Wall Fire can be controlled thanks to the fan heater integrated into each system.