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Can you put a log burner into a new build home?

The short answer to this is yes, you can have a log burner in a new build property, but not without a list of requirements that need to be adhered to.

For any new build homes or timber frame houses, there are two important factors to bear in mind: ventilation and the distance between the wood burner to any combustible materials.

Stoves, ventilation and flues

There are a number of ventilation criteria when it comes to fitting a burner in a new build. All wood burners need an air supply in to the stove. In period properties, there is almost always sufficient air supply, from windows and floorboards etc.

In modern properties, with better insulation, there often needs to be additional ventilation device required. External air kits are normally supplied alongside wood burners, which can supply air from the outside of the property.

So if you are fitting a wood burner into a new build property, the easiest way to do it is by positioning it by an external wall. Anywhere else would require ducting to be fed from the stove through the floor and then outside. The latter option might be more complicated depending on the type of floor, and would ideally be decided upon before the floor is laid.

For new builds, a twin wall flue is the most common ventilation installation for stoves and burners. However, if a chimney has been incorporated into the construction of the property, this can be used.

Range of stove from combustible materials

Many new builds will have walls that contain plasterboard and/or wood – both combustible if near fire.

Regulations state that stoves need a distance of at least 500mm of any combustible materials. To combat this problem in new builds, there are accessories that can be installed alongside the burner.

Heat shield panels, convection shields and fireproof boards are all available from wooden stove showrooms, and you’ll be advised before your installation as to the best one for you and your home.

In short, with the range of flues, ventilation devices and anti-flammable surrounds available, a wood burner can be fitted into any type of property.

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