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Can you install a fire in an office?

fire can add a homely ambience to an office as well as providing functional heating facilities, the question is – is an office really a suitable environment for a fire? If the environment is suitable, you can install a fire in most rooms – there are some checks you need to do however to make sure that your area is applicable.

Can my office accomodate a fire?

There are very few offices that would be able to accomodate for an actual installed fireplace as many are unlikely to have a chimney, nor have the facilities to build one. There are of course exceptions to this and by all means with the correct environment a fireplace could be installed with ease in an environment that has the means to do so.

Ultimately however, it is easier for everybody to opt for an electric fire which still welcomes the same atmospheric benefits of a traditional fireplace, however is a lot easier to work with as it does not require a flue. A contemporary free standing stove would fit well in an office environment due to not needing a wall-attachment, however you need to double check your office could accommodate this.

What needs be took into consideration when installing an office fire?

Of course before heading off and choosing a fire, you need to make sure that your office is the right kind of environment for a fire. You’ll need to have a large office space, installing a fire in a cramped and unsuitable space can put you and your staff at risk, as well providing an uncomfortable level of heat in such a small place. Most office’s are big enough to accomodate a fire, however it is worth realistically double checking this – if in doubt, seek advice. You will also need to make sure you have a gap where a fire could comfortably fit without any obstructions, wall-mounted electric fires work well in offices if the wall space is readily available, but if you’re opting for a free standing stove you need to identify an appropriate space for it.

What kind of fire should I go for?

As mentioned above, an electric fire or free standing stove is probably the best option for an in-office installation, the question now is: which do I chose? Below are a few recommendations in to what models would work best in which office environments.

The Studio electric fire is available in two sizes and is wall-mounted, which keeps it well out of the way of any risks, as well as looking sophisticated. The model is also available in a range of finishes which means it’s easier to find a style that suits your office interior.

The Contura 34t is a free standing wood burning stove that would work well in an accommodating office with its contemporary design. This stove is incredibly versatile and therefore would blend with most styles, in our opinion – it would look great against a small feature wall!

The Almyra is a sleek stylish electric fire that would work well with a modern furnished office. The versatile black design allows a choice of pebbles, coals and embers which means you have the freedom to tailor the model to you. The black finish is incredibly versatile and brings a refined ornamentation to the office, as well as the practicality of the heat it provides.

The Legend Ethos is the ideal fire if you are looking for a model that can be tucked away whilst still looking engaging. The hole-in-the-wall design means that the fire can be installed against a free wall to give it atmosphere and the choice of different trim options means you can adjust the style to suit your design.  


If you need more information or guidance on choosing the right kind of fire for your office, or aren’t sure whether you should opt for a fire or a stove, ELB Fireplaces are on hand to help you out. Contact us here.

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