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Can I take my woodburning stove with me when I move house?

If you’re planning on moving house soon, you might be wondering whether you can take your beloved woodburning stove with you to your new home.

The answer, in short, is yes. You can take your burner with you when you move out, but there are a few conditions that should influence your decision.

Have the new owners agreed to the removal?

You need to have agreed to the removal of it with the buyers. Complications will arise if you agree on a price and then surprise them with the removal of key features that could have contributed to the buyers making an offer on the house.

So in the negotiations leading up to the sale, make it clear what your aims are in terms of items like the woodburner. The parties involved in the sale of a house have fallen out over much less, so make sure discussions like these are made crystal clear, and ideally with a middleman like your estate agent involved.

Get a professional to remove it.

Employ the services of a professional to uninstall the woodburner. For your own safety, and as a gesture of goodwill to the people moving in, it is important that the woodburner is removed safely, and that what remains is in good enough condition for the option of a new burner to be attached to it. The entire area, especially if it’s a gas burner, should be safety-checked by a specialist gas engineer before you move out.

Will it benefit your new home?

Check the house you’re moving into. It may sound like common sense, but with the whirlwind of moving house, people often forget to check that their homes would accommodate the woodburner. If there is no room, or if a fireplace already exists, it may not make economical sense to pay for the uninstallation of the woodburner, and could end up cheaper fitting a stove that fits and suits the new surround. Weigh up what would benefit your new home before making rash decisions on items you’re attached to in your present home.


If you’re planning on moving house, or have bought a home that would suit a new woodburner, call the ELB Fireplaces team for help and advice on 01942 607 250.

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