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Cast Iron | 16 May, 2022

Modern Stoves for Conservatories, Orangeries, and New Home Extensions

When shopping for Modern Stoves for Conservatories, Orangeries, and New Home Extensions, it's good to know at the outset that wood-burning stoves are extremely popular and a positive feature for any room. They offer both attractive and efficient ways to heat a room, especially during those colder months. Plus, they are a fantastic way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Wood is a renewable resource, so log burners contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle and helps to tackle climate change. There are so many benefits of wood-burning stoves. Thanks to their sleek, state-of-the-art design they burn fuel very efficiently, have combustible material, save money on logs, and produce little ash. Additionally, they require little maintenance. So, if you are looking for a small wood-burning stove for a conservatory,  then ELB Fireplace Showroom Wigan, is the place to visit. With over 30 years of experience in professional stove installation, we will help you to choose the right wood-burning stove to suit your lifestyle, conservatory, Orangery, or new home extension. Choosing the Best Wood Burning Stove  When choosing the best wood-burning stove to suit your home, it's advisable to do your homework. Every home is different, and it is important that your specifications are met. Whether you’re looking for a certain style or design, contemporary free-standing wood-burning stoves, wood burning, and multi fuel stoves. Or even if you decide you want or need a defra-approved stove. As there are numerous brands and models available which are Ecodesign ready stoves. Why Have a Small Wood Burning Stove in Conservatories and Orangeries? Due to their structures mainly consisting of glass, both orangeries and conservatories tend to be colder during the winter months. Thus, a wood-burning stove offers an extremely efficient way of heating up your room as and when you need it. What’s more, installing a wood-burning stove in a conservatory, orangery, or new home extension is easy, efficient, and cost-effective. Using a twin wall flue, you can turn them into a cosy corner for you to enjoy through both summer and winter!  Overall, is a popular decision that can really help you enjoy the room all year round. Modern Stoves are Cost-Effective and Less Disruptive to Your Home  Extending your existing central heating and pipework and adding a radiator or two will be temporarily disruptive. Also, be sure to check that the boiler and pump can handle the extra heat output and run the length of the planned additional system. Whereas here at ELB fireplace Wigan, our stoves vary in price depending on what type you want and what’s within your budget. All our stoves will be fitted to the highest standard, including installing a wood-burning flue pipe, and burner in your conservatory building regulations. Furthermore, all stoves come with stove guides. We’re registered with Gas Safe (92120) and Hetas (2802) so you can rest assured that all our staff is fully qualified to install your stove. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our ELB Fireplace Showroom in Wigan.

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