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The Best Modern Stoves for Conservatories

Conservatories are often an ideal solution for creating more space in your home for recreation, or simply a convenient spot for much needed chill out time. Unfortunately however, they are unfortunately however, also all too well known for being that part of your house that just never seems to keep warm.

Why is my conservatory always cold?

Conservatories are an additional build on a house, and therefore it is very rare for them to be connected to the same conventional heating system as the rest of your home. Because of the glass and depth of the walls in comparison to the rest of the house, conventional heat is more likely to escape – leaving the room cold and consuquently, quite unappealing.

What is the solution?

Not only does a cold conservatory reduce its inhabiting appeal (we’re struggling to find the benefits of sitting in the cold) but it also makes it subject to damp – something we all want to avoid. It is paramount, therefore, that you keep your conservatory well-heated and insulated. What better a way to do it than with a modern stove – a twist on your usual heating provider.

So, why a modern stove? Well apart from the obvious benefit of providing your conservatory with that much needed warmth, a stove can also be the perfect setting piece to an aesthetically designed room and create a homely aura with the earthy flames it produces.

What modern stoves are out there?

The beauty of modern stoves are that they’re adaptable, not all of them require a chimney and therefore fitting them in your conservatory promises to be a breeze. The Contura 35L is a sleek and stylish freestanding model that embodies all the benefits of a modern, sophisticated stove – without the pesky chimney.

Going for more of a rustic touch? Why not try the free-standing, electric Springbourne. This design throws together modern and traditional and the result is spectacular – a beautiful crafted stove that is also a convenient little model that would fit comfortably (and stylishly) in your conservatory.

If a modern, nor a rustic theme doesn’t fit with your styling – then we’re sure vintage will! The Huntington is a cute and quirky stove which proudly embraces a white finish – something a little different yet incredibly versatile and fitting. The beauty of this modern stove is that it is the perfect addition to warm up and style up your conservatory – without it being too overbearing.

If none of the above take your fancy, you can browse the ELB Fireplaces site now and find the stove perfect for you. We are literally the experts in fireplaces, multi-fuel / log burning stoves, electric fires and gas fires, meaning you can trust our professional opinion in assisting to style up your home.

Or, If you need help looking into electric fires for conservatories, contact the experts at ELB Fireplaces , or pop along to our fireplace showroom, and we can show you exactly what heating solutions we recommend.

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