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How to choose the best gas fireplace for your home

When it comes to choosing a new gas fireplace, it can be a little bit more complicated than you think. Of course you’re going to want to choose something that fits with the current decor of your home. But you may also be looking for something that is a focal point. Or something that helps improves your current home interior. So where do you start?

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When you start to look for a new fireplace there are a few things that you need to take into account.

Glass Fronted Gas Fires

The most efficient of gas fires is the glass fronted models. They use the more traditional, conventional flue systems which helps the heat radiate around the room. That means the heat is pushed around the room with minimal waste. Thanks to the convection, extra warm air is also introduced into the room with the heat being pushed through an exchanger. Having both of these working together produces heat in a efficient way.

Balanced Flue Gas Fires

So what do you do if you want an efficient gas fire but you don’t have a flue? Then you need a balanced flue gas fire.  Balanced fires are supplied with their own flue terminals. This means they’re able to vent gases etc out through an external wall. They also have a glass front section that is completely sealed. These two points combined means a balanced fire is able to produce both convected and radiant heat, with no energy being wasted.

Open Front Gas Fires

If you’re looking for a gas fire that gives you the look and feel of a more traditional style coal fire, then an open front is the one for you. You’re able to have something that looks like a ‘real’ fire. But also having an efficient way of heating your home. This style of gas fire provides a high amount of radiant heat, but limited convected heat. That means that it’s just not as energy efficient as other gas fire models.

If you think your home could be improved by a gas fire, but you’re unsure which style or model to choose from, get in touch with one of our team. Here at ELB Gas Fireplace Showroom North West, we have years of experience in order to help you choose the right fireplace!


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