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Are you looking for a wood burning stoves Wigan?

We have a wide range of wood burning stoves Wigan. They range in price and designs ensuring there is one for you. So, are you looking for a heating appliance that can burn wood fuel in exchange for lots of heat? Then we’re the place to go for affordable wood burning stoves!

In addition, wood burning stoves are beneficial to a home because they are cheap to run and very good at giving off heat to a room. As well, they are very elegant once lit making a nice focal point for a room. Also, wood burning stoves are very good for the environment compared to other fires such as gas and electric.
On our website you can browse through 5 full pages of wood burning stoves Wigan. You will be able to find a stove that fits your room and imagination.

Types of wood burning stoves Wigan

Electric stoves, contemporary free standing, wood burning & multi fuel stoves and pizza oven stoves. In all our categories of wood burning stoves we have budget options to high quality. For example, the type of fuel you want to burn changes the price with multi fuel being more expensive than a log burner.

Our electric wood burning stoves let you light it easier and control what is happening.

Freestanding stoves can go anywhere in your home as they don’t attached to anything, giving lots of freedom.

Then, multi fuel stoves allow different types of wood to be burnt, giving off better heat output.

Lastly, pizza oven stoves use wood as fuel to cook the pizza with a unique, smoky flavour that is impossible to replicate with a traditional home oven.

Finally, if you need any advice on what wood burning stove you should get, we have experienced employees ready to give advice. You can contact us via phone 01942 607 250 or email

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