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Are outdoor pizza ovens really worth it?

If you’ve ever considered purchasing an outdoor pizza oven, but haven’t been sure of whether it’s worth the investment, this blog post is for you. Many people in the UK and beyond list pizza among their favourite food, so it’s no surprise that the sales of outdoor pizza ovens have risen greatly in recent years.

Here we explore the benefits of getting an outdoor pizza oven.

Your pizza will be cooked quickly, and to perfection!

The days of pizza ovens taking half a day to cook what’s inside are long gone. Nowadays, outdoor pizza ovens can cook your pizza in next to no time at all. The Uuni 2S can cook a pizza in as little as 90 seconds, and takes just 10 minutes to heat up – that’s less time than it takes to cook the average frozen pizza!

Most conventional home ovens have a maximum temperature of about 500°C, whilst many pizza ovens can reach upwards of 900°C – meaning that everything can be cooked a lot quicker. Plus, no-one wants to be nursing an oven for an hour or so if you’ve got friends over. Ditch the oven and go for a pizza oven instead, that way you’ll have a more delicious pizza and more time to socialise.


Pizza ovens help to retain nutrients

Pizza ovens actually help to retain the nutrients of the ingredients placed inside. This is due to the speedy time it takes to cook your pizza. Longer cooking times means more depletion of antioxidants and nutrients, so getting a pizza oven means that your pizza will not only be even more delicious, but healthier too!

Pizza ovens boost flavour!

Another fantastic benefit of a pizza oven is that they actually boost the flavour of your oh-so-delicious pizza! The reason? A wood-fired pizza oven evenly distributes heat to what’s inside, resulting in a unique, smoked flavour – perfection!


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