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Fireplace Ideas – A guide on how to flaunt fireplaces in different ways

Whe looking for Fireplace Ideas, its good to know a fireplace is not only restricted to keeping your room warm from the outside cold.

But, also a centerpiece of your room and it is the first thing that will catch everyone’s attention and this is why it is essential to style your fireplace in the most flamboyant way to give the entire space a blend of royal classical look and modern day flavour.

Let us walk you through five ways in which you can exhibit your fireplaces in an astounding aesthetic manner.

Fireplace Ideas – 5 Ways to style your fireplaces

1. Aristocratic look to your suite with an Electric fire

If you want to add the finest touch of aristocracy to the wall, then ELB Fireplaces have the most modern-day royal flavour electric fireplaces to lighten up your space with an aristocratic look.

At ELB Fireplaces, we have a range of contemporary electric fireplaces from traditional freestanding electric fire to modern electric fireplaces, we have designed the fireplaces keeping real homes in mind. Our Electric Fireplaces are a blend of traditional & modern-day looks.

2. Imperial look to your space with Limestone fire surrounds

With ELB Fireplaces, you can now add an imperial look to your space with our astonishing Limestone fireplaces that are designed in such an artistic way that every design looks unique from others and adds an aroma to your space with its natural elements of evolution.

At ELB Fireplaces, our limestone fireplaces will give you a proud feeling that you have purchased a unique product because of its imperial look. Our Limestone fireplaces are long-lasting and easier to maintain.

3. Redefine your persona with the Contemporary Marble style

At ELB Fireplaces, you can redefine your persona with our royal collections of Marble Fireplaces to give a splendid charismatic look to your space.

Though the marble fireplaces concept looks thousand years old, ELB Marble Fireplaces are designed in such a manner that they will give a striking look every time you will see them be it our hairline crack fireplace or extensive marble fragmentation fireplace, you will feel a regal experience with our every marble fireplaces.

4. Relive a classic retro wooden look with elegant modern-day craftwork

At ELB Fireplaces, our Wooden Fireplaces will never give you an outdated feel for a millisecond. They are designed with the finest artwork giving you a classic retro taste of the grandfather era with a blend of elegant modern-day craftwork to give your space an enticing royal experience.

Our Wooden Fireplaces will never make you feel two fireplaces look precisely the same because of the natural elements of evolution being used to give the wood the most stunning & perfect graining.

At ELB Fireplaces, we offer wooden fireplaces with a colour match service, matching your wooden fireplace with existing furniture.

5. Grandiose castle look with contemporary style craftsmanship

Out of all fireplaces, the most subtle and ancient fireplace is the cast iron fireplace which sounds and looks outdated, yet it beats all because of its ancient and ultra-fine design.

At ELB Fireplaces, we have redesigned the ancient castle craftsmanship by blending it with the modern-day magnificent and resplendent fine work on edges & exterior to give fireplaces lovers the finest product – Cast Iron Fireplaces.

Cast Iron Fireplaces are perfect to be installed anywhere in your home, be it a living room, a bedroom, or a study room. Our Cast Iron Fireplaces are compatible with all fuel options – Gas, Electric, and Solid fuels.

If you are looking for Fireplace Ideas or have any enquiry, feel free to contact us via call at 01942 607 250 or email us at [email protected] or visit our fireplace showroom

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