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Why do you need a flue for a log burner?

Before buying a log burner it is important to know the ins and outs, many don’t know what you need in order to install a log burner in your home but here at ELB we put practicality first and ensure you know everything you need to before securing a fire or log burner with us.

What is a flue?

Firstly, what is a flue? A flue is a passage for smoke and waste gases produced by a fire or a log burner, its most common form is a chimney but can also be a duct, pipe or opening.

A flue can be installed if you don’t have one, but it can be a tricky business so why not opt for a flueless fire instead?

If you do have a flue however, good news! You can install a log burner in your home. But the question is, why exactly do you need a flue in the first place?

Why do you need a flue for a log burner?

As aforementioned, a flue helps filter out smoke and waste gases produced from your log burner, it is important to have one as without – harmful smoke will enter your home and make it uninhabitable.

Technology has not developed so that you can burn controlled fires in your home through fireplaces or log burners without having a flue as of yet, so it is absolutely vital that you dispose of such fumes and gases into the outside air.

If you do not have a flue, there are a lot of alternatives for you to keep your home warm (and stylish) but we would personally recommend a flueless Gas fires or an electric stove. Both boast the warmth and sophistication that a log burner embodies but are more practical for homes that lack a flue.

If you have your heart set on a log burner, then it is absolutely vital that you have a flue. If you do, then you’re good to go, waste no time in getting in touch with us today to secure your ideal log burner, or have a browse of the range today.

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